The HENROB Cobra DHC2000 Torch can weld or braze and will provide the user with a cutting torch that produces exceptionally clean, square-shouldered precision cuts in metals up to 1 inch thick. Cuts light guage sheet metal or body panels with very little metal distortion.

The original design by an Australian named Ed Dillon (a coppersmith), tired of driving miles to refill his tanks, sets out to develop a more efficient Oxy Acetylene torch.

Ed Dillion's torch performed better than traditional torches and began selling the torch in Australia and Europe under the name Dillion.

The DHC 2000 Torch has a unique mixing chamber that improves combustion while reducing oxygen and acetylene pressure settings at the regulators and reduced flow volume.

For all welding applications the torch only requires 4 PSI Oxy / Aacetylene at the torch handle.

The net effect of the low pressure low volume torch is a low velocity concentrated flame for improved welding of thin aluminium, stainless, brass, copper and steel. With a savings of 40% - 60% for fuel. The fuel savings and efficiency continue for cutting both thin sheet metal or thick steel plate.

Some examples of the capability of the DHC2000 torch.