The DHC 2000 has been referred to as the Dillion, Henrob 2000 and Cobra Torch. During the 1970's an Australian named Ed Dillon (a coppersmith), tired of driving miles to refill his tanks, sets out to develop a more efficient O/A torch. Eleven years later, the torch is ready to manufacture & market. Ed Dillion's torch performed better than traditional torches and began selling the torch in Australia and Europe under the name Dillion. At that time the torches were manufactured in Switzerland.

January 1982, Keith Jones, the founder of Henrob, acquires the rights to manufacture and distribute the Dillon torch. In 1993 Henrob renames the Dillon MK IV. For the next 10 years the torch is manufactured and sold as the Henrob 2000.

In 2003 Henrob decides to sell off their welding division. Cobra Torches, Inc. is founded and acquires Henrob’s welding division. From that point on the torch is sold as the DHC 2000 (DHC for Dillon, Henrob, Cobra), and is manufactured in Orion, Michigan. 

In October of  2014 Cobra Torches, Inc. launched Detroit Torch and MFG Co., the manufacturing division of Cobra Torches, Inc. for the DHC 2000 and a new line of US made industrial straight cutting and combination torch.

Cobra Torches, Inc. makes available many innovative accessories for the torch such as low pressure regulators, rose bud heating tip, propane tips, protective eye wear and welding supplies. This is a US made product and both the torch and regulators come with a lifetime warranty.

The DHC 2000 torch is going on 32 years that it has been manufactured in the US. When comparing the torch to a traditional oxy acetylene torch the first thing that you will notice is the pistol grip. The pistol grip allows the operator to be closer to the work and provides better control when welding and cutting.