We are the agents for Cobra Torches, Inc and Detroit Torch & Manufacturing Co, who produce Oxy Acetylene welding torches, and welding accessories. We have started selling the U.S. manufactured DHC 2000 torch during 2015. We are excited to be selling quality U.S. manufactured products.

This is a product that we are passionate about and have personally used for many years. After first picking up a Oxy / Acetylene torch back in the early 1980's when I completed a trade at Cockatoo Island, Sydney. As an apprentice, I learnt to braze and weld with gas torches, but then moved away from the trade. I was then brought back to welding as I proceeded to built a recreational aircraft, which meant picking back up a gas torch.

So I began to look for a torch suitable for light weight welding of Chome Moly steel and this took me down many lines and several torches. From full size industrial torches to the very small Midget Metco, and finally settling on the DHC2000. My preferred torch I now use is the DHC2000, and I do not really need anything else.

If you are a hobbyist, a shop owner, farmer, do auto body repair and restoration, building or repairing an aircraft airframe or a do-it-yourself person, Cobra Torches Australia wants to be your source for the DHC 2000 torch and accessories.