DHC2000 Torch Gun Only
The DHC2000 Torch  Gun is the Main unit with no other parts or accessories and is usually suppl..
Handle - Left Side
Spare part - Left Side Handle..
Handle - Right Side
Spare Part - Right Side Handle..
Valve Assembly for Acetylene - Red
Includes one (1) Red valve assembly. Blue valve assembly is sold separately. Original replacement pa..
Valve Assembly for Oxygen - Blue
Includes one (1) Blue Oxygen valve assembly. Red valve assembly is sold separately. Original replace..
Cobra Body Plug
This plug is used to seal off the threaded hole where the over and undercutters attach to the body o..
Cobra Tip Shank
Tip shank is a Brass welding tip connector used to attach all weding tips to the DHC2000...
Cobra Wrench
Wrench is designe dto fit all components on the DHC2000 gas welding torch including all tips and is ..
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