Cobra Undercutter
Undercutter attaches under the welding tip for cutting thin sheet metal. This is referred to as a PU..
Cobra Overcutter
This overcutter curves over the welding tip to provide a PULL cut. It is used when cutting mild stee..
Guide Wheels for the Undercutter and Overcutter
These guide rails with wheels provide a steady hand for the user while making long straight or patte..
8″ Curved Extension
Brass extension allows the welder to enter into tight spots and maneuver over or under objects to co..
8″ Straight Extension
Brass extension allows the user to weld into tight locations while keeping the torch and hand away f..
Tip Cleaner Set
Tip Cleaner set clears out the end of welding or cutting tips of foreign objects. They are .002 unde..
Pro Master Pack
Pro Master Pac contains an 8″ curved extension, 8″ straight extension, air acetylene tip, the #00, #..
Cobra Magnetic Torch Stand
Stainless steel magnetic torch stand for left or right handed welder. Holds up to 2 torches. (Torch ..
Instructional DVD
One hour instructional DVD covering the DHC 2000 Torch and Regulator set up. Demonstrations of weldi..
Instructional Manual
Quick reference manual covers the DHC 2000 Torch and Regulator set up along with suggested tip selec..
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