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Cobalt Blue Glasses
For gas welding and cutting. Lens is a shade 5 anti-scratch polycarbonate. Wide lens style provides ..
Cobra DHC-2000 #00 Oxy Acetylene Welding Tip
Identified by diamond knurl on barrel. used for very fine work requiring the smallest possible flame..
#0 Oxy Acetylene Welding Tip
Identified by a smooth barrel. For use in welding materials up to 20-22 gauge (0.9 mm)...
AU to USA Adaptor - Acetylene
AU to USA Adaptor - Oxygen
Cobalt Blue Lens
2″ x 4 1/4″ Cobalt Blue shade 5 polycarbonate lens for gas welding and cutting. Extremely durable an..
DHC2000 Standard
The DHC2000 standard oxy acetylene welding kit includes: Torch Gun, Tips: Cutting, #0 #0.5..
DHC2000 Torch Gun Only
The DHC2000 Torch  Gun is the Main unit with no other parts or accessories and is usually suppl..
Flashback Arrestor Set - Regulator End
Flashback Arrestor set. Flashback arrestors are designed to prevent a flashback from reaching upstre..
Handle - Left Side
Spare part - Left Side Handle..
Handle - Right Side
Spare Part - Right Side Handle..
Low Pressure Oxy Acetylene Regulator Set
This is a set of Harris Single Stage Low Pressure Regulators, which includes an Oxygen and Acetylene..
Optima Welding Hose - 5 Metre
Oxygen and Acetylene Gas Welding Hose (AUS 5/8" to USA B-fitting)Twin light weight Optima 5mm x 5 Me..
Valve Assembly for Acetylene - Red
Includes one (1) Red valve assembly. Blue valve assembly is sold separately. Original replacement pa..
Valve Assembly for Oxygen - Blue
Includes one (1) Blue Oxygen valve assembly. Red valve assembly is sold separately. Original replace..
#0.5 Oxy Acetylene Welding Tip
Identified by single V groove on barrel. This tip is ideal for use in extensive welding of 20 gauge ..
Cobra Undercutter
Undercutter attaches under the welding tip for cutting thin sheet metal. This is referred to as a PU..
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